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We are building a new
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With its native underlying Tonic token, Crypton Sky will be a decentralized, self-governing, game-centric platform with a meta-commerce component for a truly unique user experience.

Convergence of virtual+reality.

Convergence of virtual and real worlds introduces beneficial ways to reward players for their effort, skill, and loyalty.

Earn virtual world tokens

Players are given viable opportunities to earn tokens by playing games and other activities in a virtual world.

Enjoy real world value

Earned tokens can be readily exchanged for real-world goods and services or converted to fiat currencies.

Digital Elixir
for the Metaverse

Tonic is a utility token designed to be the universal currency of access, action, and commerce within the Crypton Sky ecosystem. Tonic will be issued by all “Play-and-Earn” games as earned rewards and accepted by metaverse merchants for purchases of real-world goods and services.
Crypton Sky™

Streamlined & Holistic
Meta-Commerce Metaverse


Holistic Journey
Play, Earn and Enjoy Real-World Value

Crypton Sky is an immersive virtual world where visitors not only participate in a collection of fun and entertaining Play-and-Earn games, but also monetize their earnings for real-world value.

True Ownership with NFTs

Players maintain ownership and control of assets purchased and earned.

Play Fun, Quality Games

Engage in fun and entertaining gameplay with collection of quality games.

Earn Tokens as Rewards

Earn token rewards from various in-game tasks based on skills and loyalty.

Monetize for Real-World Value

Exchange tokens with merchants for purchasing products and services.
Mech Royale

Mech Royale Game
Play-and-Earn Tonic

MechRoyale is an upcoming multiplayer game built on the Polygon blockchain and powered by Tonic token. Players deploy their Mechalor NFT characters into the game to earn tokens through mining, battling, and breeding NFTs.
Mechalor NFTs

Buy, Customize, and
Upgrade Your Mechalor

Select a model from three classes of Mechalor. Customize with ability power-ups, weapon upgrades, and other aesthetic features and make your Mechalor stand out.

Our Ecosystem Converges
Virtual and Real Worlds

Crypton Sky bridges the digital world to the real world by attracting users and merchants worldwide to create a closed-loop economy where players can derive real-world value by exchanging their earned tokens for goods and services offered by the merchants in the metaverse.

Single Token

Single utility token powers decentralized, self-governing, game-centric universe.

NFT Assets

NFTs facilitate true player ownership, transferability, and monetization.

Multiple Revenues

Multiple, diversified revenue streams assure long-term sustainability.


Closed-loop ecosystem where merchants sell goods and services for Tonic.

Spending Tonic for
Real-World Products & Services

Crypton Sky will provide an e-commerce platform for merchants to list for sale their products and services with an integrated interface that enables users to make purchases using Tonic in a variety of categories.







Food & Beverage


Gallery Showcase



Crypton Sky Mobile App
Bring Your Virtual World to Life.

Geo-location capability will allow users to find great ways to spend their Tonic, whether its through discounts on retail products, dining specials from local restaurants, or participating in live events happening near by.

Mobile Shopping

Use the mobile app and Tonic to make purchases directly from participating merchants.

Local Merchant Offerings

Find special deals and promotional offerings from local merchants.

Local Live Events

Locate and participate in live concerts, conferences, or events near you.

Tonic Token Transactions

Use your secure wallet to buy and sell tokens directly with the mobile app.
Cryptonic Ventures

Real solutions that reward players
for their gameplay skills and loyalty.

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Cryptonic Ventures, Ltd.

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